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協議会について 協議会について
白石市・柴田町・仙台大学 東京オリ・パラ事前合宿招致推進協議会

“O-MO-TE-NA-SHI,” the word for Japanese-style hospitality has become the byword for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games.

The bounty of the magnificent mountains of Zao, and the bounty of the nearby Pacific coast where warm and cold currents intermingle are all crystallized into delicious dishes that form part of this hospitality.
Hospitality is also to be found in the calm environment of the hot spas and accommodation facilities surrounded by the castle and historic sites, all tinged with the history of Japanese culture.
There is also a cluster of well-equipped sports facilities, and a unique type of hospitality based on the provision of various types of training knowledge provided through the sports science programs of a specialist university.
Shiroishi City, Shibata Town and Sendai University in Japan’s Tohoku region invite everyone to a preliminary camp based on their triple-S hospitality.